Thursday, August 13 2015

Fashion Hang out untuk Wanita Berhijab

fashion_hang_out_wanita_berhijab.jpgHang out bukanlah kegiatan yang salah jika dilakukan pada waktu dan hari yang tepat. Seperti halnya, saat waktu pulang kerja atau pulang sekolah dan hari libur kerja atau libur sekolah. Sebab, hang out memberikan manfaat bagi pelakunya di antaranya meningkatkan jumlah relasi, meningkatkan keakraban dengan rekan atau teman sekolah, memperluas pengetahuan, dan masih banyak lagi. By the way, apakah Anda suka hang out? Apakah Anda berhijab? Jika iya, kebetulan sekali disini admin akan membagikan info mengenai fashion hang out untuk wanita berhijab. Silahkan baca selengkapnya di bawah.

Padukan baju dengan rompi

Meski akan hang out, Anda tetap harus menggunakan busana yang sopan. Dalam hal ini, Anda bisa beli grosir baju muslim tanah abang melalui GBC.

Untuk atasan, Anda bisa memadupadankan baju panjang (tentunya sopan: tidak ketat dan tidak transparan) dengan rompi. Agar terlihat lebih modis, Anda bisa memilih rompi yang berbahan jeans. Sebaiknya, pilih rompi berbahan jeans tanpa lengan.

Gunakan sepatu boots

Untuk alas kakinya, sebaiknya gunakan sepatu boots dengan ketinggian beberapa jari di atas mata kaki. Padupadankan sepatu boots ini dengan rok panjang yang berbahan jatuh atau jeans yang tidak terlalu ketat. Sepatu boots tidak hanya membuat Anda terlihat keren tetapi juga membuat Anda mudah bergerak.

Gunakan hijab yang simple

Sebaiknya gunakan hijab yang simple untuk hang out. Tujuannya tidak lain agar membuat Anda lebih merasa nyaman. Di bawah ini, ada beberapa langkah yang bisa Anda ikuti dalam memasang hijab yang simple.

Anda bisa gunakan pashmina kaos yang pada dasarnya memberikan kesan sejuk. Letakkan pashmina di kepala lalu tarik sama panjang. Pertemukan kedua ujung pashmina di ubun-ubun dan buat lilitan setidaknya dua kali. Setelah melilit tarik kedua ujung pashmina ke bagian bawah belakang kepala. Buat silang dan selipkan sisa ujung pashmina ke lilitan yang ada di bagian samping kepala.

Monday, March 9 2015

Decrease Motorcycle Accidents' Risk

After buying motor insurance engine all-risk on, among the team and I talked there. There are lots of items that we're referring to, among that will be about the bike crash. Based on the team, bike incidents might jeopardize others yet the driver. A brand new bike driver, to that particular finish, I had been required to become of operating cautious.

Are you also a brand new bike driver? In that case, here are ideas to decrease bike accidents' dangers:


Check the motorcycle's health

It's great to check on the health of the motorcycle before driving your bike. Examine front brake the tire force, and lamps indication. Ensure that the elements have been in good shape. Alternatively, if you will find any damaged components, don't drive oneself to experience your automobile if you don't would like to get any incidents later or sooner. You need to provide your automobile towards the repair engine course that is approved.

Use jumper and helmet that is regular

Utilizing a helmet is crucial when or so you may protect your face in the sunlight put through crash. Ensure that you utilize an excellent helmet prior to standard. Meanwhile, when driving bike possibly in winter or summertime to safeguard the body, use a coat. In addition you have to know when obtaining any incidents that by sporting a coat, you are able to avoid severe damage.

Follow control emotion and traffic regulations

Traffic legislation seeks to create all drivers to become of operating their automobile cautious. Consequently, follow possible in addition to traffic guidelines. Furthermore, you've to manage your feelings experience annoyed and when driving your bike even although you are becoming issue. This really is extremely important to do this that you focus and can focus on driving.

Tuesday, February 10 2015

Wish to Pick Valentine Present On Your Honey?

Supplying something special on your pair on Valentine’s Morning may also be difficult just because a surprise can be quite an image of one's love. You've to learn what sort of items and that means you don’t make her dissatisfied, that she wants first. In case you don’t need to damage your connection, you ought to actually look closely at this point. Anyhow, there are many items before picking present to your pair that you should look at:


Her hobbies or favorite items

This means you don’t select improper present, you have to realize this nicely. For example, if she it has preferred team and wants seeing football, you should buy baseball hat which fits together with her beloved football team or you may also purchase a new bag if she prefers collecting bags. Anyhow, if she flower, or loves teddy bear, candy, check it out just at Flower Advisor, ok!

Her motivation

Which means you must prevent presenting something special predicated on your wish, not your entire needs are enjoyed by your pair. For instance, you really would like her to get these shoes, although in case your pair is uninterested in having smooth shoes, you then obtain this system, you may make her unhappy. You're an egoist individual, should you do that issue. Worry your pair desires, although your wish shouldn't matter.

Your allowance

Purchasing surprise on your pair you certainly must have costs that are enough? Nonetheless this doesn't suggest you should obtain one. This means you don’t handle debt, you should buy a distinctive and economical surprise. In other hand, for those who have income, getting useful items on her behalf isn't a challenge.

Saturday, January 31 2015

Let's Join Grosir Bersama

Early in 2014, I decided to open a wholesale clothing business in my town. Initially my earning was bad because in my town, there are many clothing wholesale stores. I almost gave up and closed my business. Fortunately, I met an old friend who also runs the same business in another city. He advised me to join I followed her advice and succeeded to make my business survive.

Btw, there are many advantages that I gained after joining GBC, such as:


Saving money and time

Running an online clothing store is not easy, especially I don’t know much about the mechanisms and procedures that I should do when running an online shop. Fortunately, all of these don’t become my problem again because Grosir Bersama has professional staffs that help technical and non-technical matters of online store site. I just need to write descriptions of the products and also upload pictures of products that I offer.

Reach wider market

Grosir Bersama helps me market my product products on GBC site, its account of Facebook, Tweeter, and so forth. This makes me obtain wider market easily. My business income continues increasing day by day. In one week, there are at least 3-4 buyers from out of town who order the wholesale dress from my store.

In addition, after my shop is advertised online by Grosir Bersama, my clothing store is also visited by many buyers offline. My sales rate increases optimally so that I can get much profit.

For those of you who are running a wholesale clothes, shoes, jackets, pants, and so forth business, I recommend you to join GBC immediately.

Wednesday, January 28 2015

Improve Academic Life

Do you want to be a smart student and get a lot of appreciations from your teachers and classmates? If you answer yes, do your best in your academic life by using your time to boost your knowledge and skill. To do this, it is better to spare your time to take online tutoring, join education seminar and follow internship.


Take online tutoring

Sometimes your teacher gives unclear explanations and asks you to do any hard assignments. Of course if you cannot do your assignments well, you will get bad grades. To solve this problem, utilize your computer and internet connection to hire online tutor. Remember you should choose reliable tutor so you can get trusted knowledge.

Join education seminars

If you don’t have any plans on weekends, join education seminars. At seminar, you can get new information and useful tips and tricks in educational world and build new friendship with other audiences. Besides, you can meet and interact with experts. However this even might be held only in certain time but this is the right event to boost your knowledge.

Follow internship

If you join vocational school or take education programs like nursing, teaching, or engineering, utilize your free time to follow internship. This way is so useful to see what real work field looks like and improve knowledge and skill. Taking internship at school, hospital, or auto workshop you can apply and measure how good your skill and knowledge.

Besides, read information from various sources. For instance, if you want to know more about sekolah pilot Flybest, visit and its official website.

Friday, January 23 2015

Purchase Clothing Online

Time before, I obtain grosiran baju anak branded online on (GBC). Purchasing is not doubted by me at GBC since I usually store online there. I generally purchase me personally or my people apparel and so I am content and free of anxiety. For me personally, getting clothes is quite enjoyable since acquire struggle with different consumers who would like the exact same garments and I don't need to surround department-store. Maybe you have obtained children wholesale garments online? you have an interest in carrying it out while in the short time, although in case you have not, be sure that you follow these ideas:


Check apparel size

You need to verify how big the garments first, before getting garments for children online. This can be crucial to complete, particularly if you would like to buy some outfits. About apparel size, request the employees’ merchants if at all possible. Don't regret in the long run as the garments are ordered smallness or also effectiveness.

Read product information

Don't be confused from the apparel image screen. Prior to making a determination, you must browse the item information at length. Generally, by studying the item information, it is possible to know-all about garments in more detail.

Verify the price tag on apparel on the market

On the market, you will find the exact same outfits at charges that are various. Since some retailers would like to get revenue this happens. Consequently, examine the price tag on apparel available in the market. If you'll find internet vendors that provide goods at lower rates when compared with other store, why not purchase at that store?

Lastly, verify ads and available savings. Don't wait to work with these special deals if you're able to get ads and savings to cut costs.

Wednesday, January 14 2015

Attend Our Boyfriend’s School

My sweetheart graduated from pilot institution last month. Both his household, he was not so unhappy at that time. He asked me to go to his college regarding siblings and his parents. Since I really could stand beside him, I used to be pleased. I needed photos as well as his family and me to generate his delighted. In all honesty, since I enjoy him much used to do not need to reduce him.

graduationSince he was successful to scholar on time and obtain excellent marks, many of us were satisfied and pleased with her. We waited for over 30 minutes till the service accomplished and remain after receiving certification. We reviewed about his program after his university and spoke. He said he wished to continue holiday for two or one weeks. Next, so he can make an application for work at regional flight he desired to get validation.

I expected him what endorsement is since I used to be interested in endorsement? He said that certification is actually exam to be sure that students of abroad pilot colleges are not unable to accomplish standard of regional airlines and a short-course. Month, he described me the period with this program is all about one along with the quantity of payment is from 4.000 to 9.000 bucks or maybe more. For more information, check out our website.

Being a sweetheart that was great, I anticipated he could easily get the most effective effect and reinforced his conclusion. I really could not since I'd to operate, although he asked me to take holiday together. He guaranteed to receive me to take trip sometime later and grasped with my career.

Monday, December 29 2014

My Beautiful Mommy

mom.jpgOur mama is actually a unique girl who gives awareness of my entire life and often protects. Possibly, she's not unwilling to do anything to generate me happy. She's an excellent lady who makes me better and usually inspires. For example, after I brake center couple weeks before, she said that I have to be smart and sturdy to fix my challenge. She explained that we now have several ladies out-there who would like to be my girlfriend later or sooner. After playing her ideas I determined and acquire inside the temper. Anyhow, being a boy that is great, I usually do my better to create my mother that is charming content.

Anyhow, there are various items that I presently do to encourage up her. Facing a meal shop, three nights before, after I went home from workplace, my bike quit for example. I ordered her cake which will be vanilla pastry. She smiled and seemed not unhappy once I presented that dessert. Day 2015, I prepared to provide her a rose aroma on Valentine. It will be bought by me on registered overseas florist, called Flower Advisor that gives numerous blossoms for Valentine Evening, like roses sunflowers and orchids and a reliable. Think about the values? The costs start to SGD 613.00 from SGD 70.00. Please, get your flower here.

I want my mother is long-lived thus I can be accompanied by her once I get married sometime later and enable me and care of is taken by my spouse and pay her grandchildren attention. I understand that precisely what Ido will unable to respond all things that are good that she actually did for me personally. Mommy, I really like you.

Friday, December 26 2014

Seru Liburan di Danau Ranau dan Taman Nasional Way Kambas

Lebaran adalah momen yang sangat aku tunggu-tunggu karena aku memiliki masa cuti kerja yang cukup lama. Tentu kesempatan ini selalu aku manfaatkan sebaik mungkin untuk menghibur diri dan membahagiakan keluargaku tercinta. Lebaran tahun lalu, aku mengajak keluargaku untuk seru-seruan di Danau Ranau dan Taman Nasional Way Kambas.


Aku dan keluargaku memulai perjalanan di hari ke 4 paska lebaran. Tujuan wisata kami yang pertama adalah Danau Ranau. Danau terbesar ke dua di pulau Sumatera ini adalah salah satu objek wisata favorit yang selalu ramai dikunjungi oleh warga lokal dan wisatawan dari luar kota. Kami bermalam di sana selama 1 malam sebelum melanjutkan perjalanan menuju Taman Nasional Way Kambas. Baca info liburan seru di Danau Ranau di

Keeskokan harinya kami meluncur menuju tempat tujuan wisata kami selanjutnya. Kami berangkat pagi-pagi sekali supaya tidak terjebak arus balik. Tepat pukul 12 siang WIB, aku dan keluarga besarku tiba di provinsi Lampung. Kami tidak langsung ke taman tersebut melainkan beristirahat terlebih dahulu di penginapan yang sudah kami sewa. Sekitar pukul 14.00 WIB kami melanjutkan liburan kami.

Taman yang berada di ujung selatan Sumatera dapat di tempuh selama kurang lebih 1 jam dari kota Bandar Lampung. Objek wisata ini merupakan tempat mendidik dan melindungi gajah Sumatera yang sudah terancam punah. Taman ini merupakan salah satu ikon provinsi Lampung dan menjadi tujuan favorit liburan bersama keluarga.

Untuk menjelajahi taman yang luasnya lebih dari 1.000 km2 ini, kami memilih untuk menunggangi gajah. Aku belum pernah melakukan kegiatan ini sebelumnya sehingga aku merasa deg-degan. Taman ini sendiri ditinggali oleh beragam flora dan fauna, seperti badak Sumatera, monyet, harimau, pohon beringin, pohon jati, nipah, dan lain sebagainya.

Thursday, November 13 2014

Hati-Hati! Anak Anda Bisa Lakukan Kebiasaan Buruk Ini

bad_habits.jpgApakah Anda tahu apa yang si kecil lakukan ketika Anda tidak di rumah? Jika Anda tidak melakukannya, Anda perlu mengkhawatirkan hal ini karena dia bisa saja melakukan hal-hal buruk, lebih dari yang Anda pikirkan. Mereka bisa melakukan kebiasaan buruk seperti disebutkan di bawah ini ketika mereka bebas dari pengawasan Anda:

Tidak mencuci tangan sebelum makan

Hal ini mungkin terdengar sepele tapi sadari bahwa ini adalah masalah serius, terutama jika anak Anda sering melakukannya. Ingat bahwa ada banyak bakteri yang menempel pada tangan si kecil sehingga ketika dia menyentuh dan memakan makanan, bakteri akan masuk ke tubuhnya dengan cepat. Hal ini akan membuat buah hati Anda terkena diare, sakit perut dan gangguan metabolisme lainnya cepat atau lambat.

Mengkonsumsi permen dan cokelat secara berlebihan

Sebenarnya, memakan permen dan cokelat bukan masalah besar tapi anak-anak suka mengkonsumsinya secara berlebihan. Kebiasaan buruk ini membuat mereka mengalami sakit gigi dan gigi berlubang. Untuk mencegah masalah ini, larang anak Anda untuk mengkonsumsi permen dan cokelat secara berlebihan dan suruh mereka untuk segera menyikat gigi setelah mengonsumsi makanan tersebut. Jika saat ini gigi anak Anda sudah berlubang, ada baiknya untuk menggunakan obat sakit gigi berlubang.

Menonton video yang tidak pantas dari ponsel mereka

Menonton video yang tidak pantas dapat memicu tindakan buruk, seperti: berkelahi, mencuri, bertindak asusila, dan lain-lain. Oleh karena itu, Anda harus memata-matai kegiatan telepon buah hati sebaik mungkin. Caranya? Cek isi ponselnya dan lihat sejarah browsingnya. Jika Anda menemukan konten yang tidak pantas, segera sita ponselnya dan minta dia untuk menjelaskan konten tersebut. Setelah itu, Anda boleh menghukumnya setegas mungkin, tapi tidak dengan kekerasan, oke!

Thursday, November 6 2014

Kegiatan yang Diabaikan Trader Forex Pemula

Trader_Pemula.jpgMeskipun peluang mendapatkan keuntungan besar dalam forex terbuka bagi siapa saja, namun hanya segelintir yang bisa meraihnya. Tak sedikit mereka yang melakukan trading forex mengalami kerugian terlebih trader pemula. Mungkin Anda telah banyak mendengar dan mengetahui berita ini entah dari koran atau pun dari internet, betul? Yup, ini memang benar. Hal ini bisa terjadi karena trader forex khususnya pemula sering mengabaikan beberapa kegiatan yang telah uraikan di bawah ini.

Buat trading plan

Membuat trading plan menjadi kegiatan yang acap kali diabaikan oleh trader forex pemula. Ada sebagian yang beralasan tidak tahu cara membuatnya dan ada pula yang malas untuk membuatnya. Padahal, trading plan sangat menunjang keberhasilan dalam trading plan. Trading plan itu ibarat sebuah peta perjalanan yang memungkinkan pemegangnya tidak mengambil jalur salah sehingga tersesat.Trading plan dapat membuat tindakan-tindakan yang dilakukan trading lebih tertata dan tidak gegabah serta dapat mengontrol emosi trader dalam trading.

Belajar forex

Memperkaya dan mengasah wawasan tentang forex juga sering kali diabaikan oleh trader forex pemula. Malas menjadi alasan yang paling mendominasi sebagian trader forex (ketahui alasan trader forex malas belajar forex disini). Padahal, pengetahuan yang luas dapat memudahkan trader dalam mengambil keputusan saat trading. Pengetahuan juga dapat membantu trader dalam menentukan strategi yang tepat untuk mendapatkan keuntungan yang diharapkan.

Lakukan evaluasi

Selain daripada itu, trader forex pemula juga tak jarang tidak melakukan evaluasi setelah melakukan trading forex entah disengaja karena tidak tahu atau tidak disengaja karena lupa. Padahal, evaluasi ini sangat penting. Berikut beberapa pentingnya evaluasi dalam trading forex yang dikutip dari artikel ini: untuk memastikan tindakan sesuai dengan trading plan, mengetahui efektifitas strategi, dan mencari faktor keberhasilan dan kegagalan trading.

Friday, October 24 2014

Jadilah Pemborong Bangunan yang Sukses

Pemborong_Bangunan.jpgSeiring dengan makin meningkatnya keinginan sebagian orang untuk membangun rumah sendiri yang luas dan nyaman tentu jasa Anda sebagai pemborong bangunan akan makin menjanjikan. Namun ingat, keberadaan Anda akan terkalahkan dengan kontraktor bangunan. Jelas saja, kontraktor bangunan kemungkinan lebih banyak dipilih mengingat latar belakang pendidikannya, standar kerjanya, dan garansi yang diberikan. Meski demikian, Anda tetap bisa menjadi pemborong bangunan yang sukses. Bagaimana caranya? Simak yuk!

Bersikap jujur

Terapkan kejujuran dalam segala hal yang Anda lakukan. Sebab, kejujuran tidak hanya dapat memberikan ketenangan dalam diri tetapi juga dapat menarik simpati klien. Seperti halnya dalam pembelian material bangunan. Anda harus membeli material bangunan berkualitas meski harganya relatif mahal dan meski klien Anda sebetulnya tidak tahu mana material yang berkualitas. Ingat, material bangunan berkualitas pada akhirnya mampu membuat bangunan kokoh. Kondisi ini tentu akan membuat klien memuji Anda karena dapat diandalkan dan dipercaya. Klien ini bukan tidak mungkin akan menjadi penyambung lidah dengan calon-calon klien lainnya.

Perbanyak relasi

Pemborong bangunan yang sukses bisa dibilang jasanya selalu laris tak tahu musim entah musim kemarau atau penghujan. Nah, untuk mewujudkan hal ini Anda harus memperbanyak relasi. Mengapa? Sebab, bisa dipastikan mereka yang akan bangun rumah lebih percaya terhadap orang yang dikenalnya. Relasi disini bukan hanya diasumsikan sebagai pelanggan melainkan juga rekan bisnis. Memiliki rekan bisnis akan membuat segala sesuatunya menjadi mudah. Seperti halnya, ketika Anda bekerjasama dengan toko Besi jakarta, Anda bisa mendapatkan harga miring atau bahkan Anda mendapatkan besi dahulu uangnya belakangan. Bisa juga bekerja sama dengan penyedia cutting laser untuk mempermudah pemotongan, pembolongan, atau pengukiran besi, kaca, atau lainnya.

Wednesday, October 22 2014

Authorities of BAPPEBTI?

BAPPEBTI3.jpgYou're enthusiastic about trading forex? Why? Freedom, liquidity? Aside from whatever cause, make sure to find the Respected Fx Broker with standard approval from perhaps the Product Futures Trading Supervisory Board or BAPPEBTI. ForexIMF with situs Like that, at the least you receive security in the event anything unwanted. Discuss even the Product Futures Trading Supervisory Board or BAPPEBTI; are you aware exactly what this regulatory body's specialist? Let us contemplate a number of the expert of BAPPEBTI below.

Published a company license. If we set up a residence of course we've to care for IMB (building permit), isn't it? Today, those that need to begin commodities, when the commodities enterprise broker company should receive authorization. The meaning can be delivered by permit granted from the agent BAPPEBTI truly could make a commodities brokerage towards the dealer abroad.

Build regulations. In course's world of trading, you'll find regulations that really must be followed, particularly for the dealer. Agent was completed by beginning getting how many jobs, payment, before the promotion or marketing. Well, the BAPPEBTI can set and even changes this rule.

To manage. You at least will have a way to decrease fraud determined by agents and in the end damage you, realize if you pick a specialist that has been technically controlled. It is because BAPPEBTI gets the expert to manage brokerage was taken by those activities.

Conduct assessment. BAPPEBTI the specialists to handle the specialist under consideration inspections if you have reputation and client claims who feel aggrieved due to the commodities broker. Then a BAPPEBTI not wait to revoke the certificate of the specialist under consideration, if proven correct.

Wednesday, October 1 2014

Do These to Decorate Your Property for Christmas

What do you consider about Christmas? It is all Christians a wedding day that's waited by all Christians throughout the earth. They also have fun as well as their household and often get. If you wish to observe Christmas and are a Religious, make anything including Christmas limit. To purchase this wedding day is hampered for by premium quality, visit Flower Advisor. So that your family along with you feels relaxed decorate your house. How? Utilize these recommendations:


Patio that is clear and lawn

When visiting your property, the very first property pieces that'll be noticed by family unit members and neighbors are garden and rooftop. Because this, clear your rooftop and backyard of. Begin by reducing leaves grasses and abundant, preparing and washing flowerpots. Likewise, brush and clean the floor therefore these look neat and change stand and seats.

Substitute desk and layer pad with versions that are new

Producing fresh nuance in family room with fresh types you've to restore desk and layer pad. Besides, desk and neat layer and employ clear cover with good shades. Like: if layer is orange, pick table cover that is blue. Get pillowcases with shade that suits with these extras in case you have additional budget. Anyhow just click here if you want help measure for blinds.

In family area place a Christmas tree

In family room, getting Christmas tree is vital. It is a warning to welcome Christmas. Thus, set. Enhance this tree using youngsters and your partner as stunning as you can and as exciting.

Preferably through the use of these recommendations, your property is going to be much more stunning and greater.

Saturday, September 20 2014

Unique Decoration for Birthday Party

Unique_Decoration_for_Birthday_Party.jpgLike a guardian, it's your requirement to kids that are delighted. Kids that are realize, delighted got her trip alone, and here's not limited by delivering knowledge around the larger degree, supplying an appropriate area. Remembering her party likewise turned one of many basic approaches to please your youngster.

Collected with friends near college or property buddies is unlikely to offer your kid delight. In this instance, you don't automatically must employ even a nice building or a costly cafe, at home you could also. To create it more appealing, employ these designs in party of the occasion spot.

Device. Items typically what children enjoy? Mechanism. If you're contemplating applying balloon party accessories, thus, it'd not harm. In terms of some mechanism accessories that one may pick which identity device so forth, standing and decor.

Blossoms. You need to use like a blossom as design in case your kid loves the wonder of blooms. You'll be able to set plants in the entry towards the celebration place, enhance the visitor in the dining table, so forth, and for that connection brain. If you want new blossoms, you can travel to with an online Florist delivery look.

Meal. Or even, you can even create designing your youngster's birthday celebration with pastry. Usually, the meal, isn't it is loved by the youngsters? Just like candy, a Styrofoam that resemble such as a dessert can be ordered by you. Enhance these food muffins for that visitors.

Candy. Definitely all youngsters enjoy candy, don't you imagine? Well, you can even utilize candy as decor. In cases like this, a Styrofoam that resemble like candy can be ordered by you. Include candy as well as bath cakes sweets need may.

Saturday, September 6 2014

Aktivitas Menyenangkan untuk Para Ibu Rumah Tangga

Mencuci piring, menyiram tanaman, mengepel lantai, memasak makanan, dan membersihkan peralatan dapur adalah beberapa contoh dari pekerjaan rumah tangga yang dilakukan oleh ibu rumah tangga setiap hari. Sayangnya, beberapa ibu rumah tangga sering mengeluh atau merasa bosan dari rutinitas ini terutama jika mereka tidak tahu apa yang harus mereka lakukan setelah mengerjakan pekerjaan rumah tangga. Jika Anda adalah seorang ibu rumah tangga yang juga bingung untuk melakukan aktivitas apa setelah mengerjakan pekerjaan rumah tangga, ada baiknya untuk melakukan kegiatan-kegiatan menyenangkan di bawah ini:

Membaca berbagai macam informasi

Informasi tidak hanya ada buku, tapi juga majalah, koran, ebook, dan juga artikel-artikel di internet. Anda hanya perlu menentukan informasi apa yang Anda butuhkan. Misalnya, jika Anda menginginkan informasi seputar perdagangan valuta asing, Anda bisa membaca informasinya di situs-situs terpercaya, seperti forex IMF yang menyediakan banyak informasi seputar perdagangan mata uang asing dan menawarkan jasa pialang forex berpengalaman.


Mendengarkan musik

Para psikolog percaya bahwa mendengarkan musik bisa membuat hati dan pikiran menjadi nyaman, sehingga tekanan batin dan stres dapat hilang dengan cepat. Itulah mengapa sangat disarankan untuk melakukan hal ini. Untuk membuat Anda menikmati kegiatan menyenangkan ini, gunakan sound suara atau earphone sambil bersantai di ruang favorit Anda di rumah.

Minum cokelat hangat

Minum cokelat hangat mungkin terdengar sederhana tapi Anda bisa mendapatkan kembali mood Anda ketika Anda melakukannya. Anda bisa melakukan kegiatan ini di teras atau taman rumah Anda sambil bincang-bincang dengan keluarga Anda.

Menghubungi teman Anda

Hubungi teman dan berbagi pengalaman Anda kepada mereka. Jika memungkinkan, Anda dapat meminta mereka untuk berkunjung ke rumah Anda sehingga Anda tidak merasa kesepian. Jika Anda tidak dapat menelepon teman Anda, cobalah untuk mengunjungi tetangga Anda dan ngobrol dengan mereka.

Wednesday, August 27 2014

Tips Sukses Bekerja Sama dengan Rekan Kerja

Bekerja sama dengan dua atau lebih rekan kerja memang menguntungkan karena pekerjaan bisa dikerjakan dengan lebih cepat. Meskipun terdengar gampang, namun bekerja sama dan membangun teamwork dengan rekan kerja itu tidaklah gampang. Apalagi jika mereka memiliki cara pandang dan opini yang berbeda-beda. Bisa-bisa pekerjaan yang sedang dikerjakan tidak selesai tepat waktu karena kerjasamanya tidak terjalin dengan baik.


Maka dari itu, jika Anda ingin sukses bekerja sama dengan rekan kerja Anda, sebaiknya ikuti tips di bawah ini:

Memahami peran dan tanggung jawab masing-masing

Dalam sebuah tim, Anda dan rekan kerja Anda memiliki peran dan tanggung jawab yang berbeda sehingga Anda harus memahami peran dan tanggung jawab Anda sendiri dengan sebaik-baiknya. Pastikan bahwa Anda melakukan tugas-tugas yang diberikan dengan baik. Misalnya: Jika peran dan tanggung jawab Anda adalah analisa pergerakan dan tren di pasar valuta asing, maka lakukan hal tersebut dengan baik atau jika Anda diminta untuk menyiapkan peralatan proyek, Anda harus melakukannya dengan baik.

Berkomunikasi dengan rekan kerja lainnya

Setelah Anda melakukan tugas-tugas Anda, beritahukan kemajuan dari pekerjaan Anda kepada staf atau rekan kerja Anda sehingga mereka tahu perubahan atau kemajuan proyek yang dikerjakan. Hal ini penting dilakukan sehingga Anda dan rekan kerja dapat menghindari risiko kesalahpahaman dan kegagalan dalam menyelesaikan proyek karena informasi yang tidak tepat sasaran.

Menyelesaikan masalah bersama-sama

Tidak diragukan lagi, masalah bisa saja terjadi dalam sebuah tim. Untuk itu, Anda dan rekan kerja harus siap untuk menghadapinya. Cobalah untuk mengatasi masalah tersebut bersama-sama dengan rekan kerja Anda. Ingat masalah itu akan lebih ringan dan lebih mudah untuk diselesaikan jika Anda tidak menghadapinya sendirian. Jika rekan kerja Anda nyebelin, baca cara menghadapinya di sini.